Parked Photography in Waco


Parked Photography Waco

James Wilder is a lover of cars; especially parked cars.

James got the photography bug when creating websites in early 2000. Digital photography was new and it arrived just in time. James' first digital camera was a Kodak DC280 Zoom.

Fast forward to 2023 and James is still exploring the car as an art form. You will recognize Waco in many of James' photos, but there are also many shots in neighborhoods and fields. As James says, the genre is shooting "Cars where they are. Parked and waiting."

Parked Photography Genre

James says the idea to use the phrase "Parked Photography" as a genre for car photography began in December 16, 2020. James registered the domain and created a Parked Photography genre page to explain the style and explore the history of parked photography. "It's been around a long time, but it was always part of a broader style of photography, specific to each photographer."

Parked Photography is a genre in the same way that street photography is a genre. In specific:

Parked Photography is a car photography genre that captures the soul of a car in its natural habitat: parked, waiting, stored, forgotten, honored, remembered, or abandoned.

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Parked Photography Genre

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