Corvette Should Become a GM Brand


Corvette Should Become a GM Brand
Photo: Chevrolet Media. 2024 Corvette Stingray

The idea that Corvette should become a GM brand is a no brainer. We all know the reasons why. Yet, it hasn't happened.

I have a hard time associating Corvette with Chevrolet. In my mind, I have always seen Corvette as a stand-alone brand. Making Corvette a stand-alone brand would just be a formality, and it would unleash the brand to fill the vacuum of an American performance brand.

Here are three cars Corvettes should make.

1. The Stingray should live on as a heritage classic sports car. This will be the affordable sportscar.

2. A four-door Gran Turismo would be appreciated for its luxury, performance, and roadtrip qualities. The Porsche Taycan is an example.

3. A crossover like the Lamborghini Lanzador would be awesome. It would be a daily driver, grocery getter, a back roads explorer, and still be luxurious enough for a night on the town. I would probably opt for this one. But I'd buy them all if I could.

With these three models, a high-end exotic car, like the Z06 might be too low volume for a corvette brand. We shall see.

What about Cadillac? No. Cadillac is luxury first. Corvette is performance first.

Will Corvette become its own brand in 2026? It's a well kept secret at this point.