Corvette Needs a Dignified Media Site


Photo: Chevrolet Media. 2024 Corvette Stingray

Car companies should be the biggest enthusiasts of their vehicles.

I'm sure Chevrolet would claim to be the biggest enthusiasts of the cars, but search for "Chevrolet Corvette" on the web and you get sales pages with marketing blurbs.

If you build it and you don't love it then you're just making products. And the marketers are just doing their job. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. Except when it comes to passion cars.

If you bleed design, then you want to tell the stories about the designers, the engineers, the struggles, and the victories. You want to spotlight past designs. You want to show the potential of the vehicle. You want to show the vehicle in aspirational settings. You want to demonstrate the art of the vehicle. You want to stir up passion for ownership like no one else can, or should, because you're the designer, the creator.

Consider the Lamborghini website and try not to feel a bit of jealousy.

Corvette deserves better.