Here are some ways and reasons to contact MOTORFOOT.


(1) Use the Contact Form - Quick and easy. No email required!

(2) Email us at motorfoot(at) - Of course, substitute the '(at)' for '@'.

(3) RSS - Keep up with new content by using an RSS feed reader. I use Google Reader and am pretty happy with it.

(4) Twitter - Communicate with MOTORFOoT on Twitter.

(5) Subscribe to the "Building MOTORFOOT" news letter. Just send us an email (see #2 above) and we will email you the latest news letter.

MOTORFOOT does not use your email address for any other purpose than what is stated above. We do not sell or give away your email address, nor do we spam you. We are working on a Terms of Service which will state the same, but also include user contributed content.


Feedback is the life blood of a web site. If you connect with the vision of MOTORFOOT then feedback is the way YOU can shape the future direction.

We want your views on:

  • Site Navigation Improvements
  • Current Articles
  • Suggest Future Articles
  • Share Cool Sites, Projects, People


If you would like to advertise on MOTORFOOT then please email us. If you provide a service that is valuable to Hot Rodders or general auto enthusiasts AND you love your customers, give us a shout, we'll work it out.

Site Owners Connect

If you are an automotive site owner, blogger, artist and want to connect with other site owners, we are interested. Even if you are new to web site design and writing we would like to hear from you! Maybe there are some synergies in what we do, which can be leveraged. We also have another site dedicated to technical issues involved with building an online presence whether it be a simple blog or a social network.

"Get the latest news somewhere else."

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