Car/Automobile Museums

If you're in to cars, then you'll love any museum that features wheels, gears, combustion and steam! So, here is our list of the best car/automobile museums, train museums and military museums in the USA.

Dick's Classic Garage

San Marcos, Texas

Dick's Classic Garage will showcase vehicles and memorabilia from the 1900's though the 1950's. Considered the Golden Years of American automotive manufacturing, the Museum will take guests from the Great Depression through World War II and up to the rockin’ 1950's.

Texas Transportation Museum

San Antonio, Texas

The Texas Transportation Museum is an all volunteer organization that collects, preserves and displays historically significant transportation equipment and related items. We operate a working passenger railroad, several model train layouts and many road vehicles. We provide an educational and entertaining experience which interprets how developments in transportation technology shaped and continue to impact daily life.

National Automobile Museum

Reno, Nevada

The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) has more than 200 cars with authentic street scenes and sounds. The facades bring displays to life; a hardware store here, a movie theatre there which accompany artifacts from each era. Audio tours let you explore the museum at your own pace. It’s located on the corner of Lake and Mill Streets in downtown Reno.

Volo Auto Museum

Volo, Illinois

Exhibits include TV and Movie cars, Celebrity owned cars, Bizarre cars, muscle cars for sale, antique cars for sale, cars of the 1950’s, kids cars.

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