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Improve your car photography even if a smart phone camera is all you know how to use!

Most photography books and websites throw a ton of technical jargon at you or try to rush you into advanced photography. Because of this you might just say forget it. Or you might assume you must buy professional camera gear and become a master.

But wait. Here's a secret.

Eighty percent of photography is about composing a great shot.

This article focuses on the basics - the twenty percent of photography that gives you eighty percent of the results (loosely based on the 80/20 Rule).

You don't need to buy a professional camera or understand any technical details of how a camera works. No talk about sensor size, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, priority modes, bla bla bla.

Today's cameras are getting so advanced they can handle most of the scenarios you throw at it.

There is a saying, "The best camera for photography is the one you have with you."

Give a professional automotive photographer an old iPhone and she will give you a great photo.

As you gain more experience with the basics, you will encounter situations where you want to get a certain effect, but can't because your automatic camera determines the settings. Then you will have an aha moment! But until then, grasshopper, you have much to learn.

The art, beauty and power of a photograph is in the composition. Let's "focus" on that.

In the first chapter of Car Photography Tips we will talk about composing a photo.

Please note, I am not a professional photographer and this is not professional photography advice or training. It is simply MY experience I'm sharing with you. Read and judge for yourself. If you feel a fire in your belly and are salivating about lashing me for heresy, then simply go away. One of the reasons I am writing this article is because I can't stand the photography zealots that think they are the defenders of all photography, and in doing so cause massive collateral damage by scaring poor folks that are just wanting some fellowship and improve their photography. If you want to be a professional photographer, I recommend you leave immediately and take professional classes. Are we clear? For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy!

Car Photography Tips: Composition

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