"Get On It!" - A Unique and Growing SNet for Gear Heads (with Pinups Too!)

by motorfoot 7/21/2008 3:08:00 AM

If you are shopping for a virtual garage then you should put on your list. is a SNet (social network) for gear heads. Although the social network space is pretty competitive we always applaud more choices.

MyRideIsMe has all the core garage features you would expect, such as your own garage to park images, a crew (or buddy list), and ability to browse or search by life styles such as Builder, Rat Rod, Hot Rodder, HAMB, etc. They also have an image gallery with an impressive number of cool rides. But wait, that's not all...if you like pinup models (and who doesn't?), you are gonna dig their pinup galleries!


MyRideIsMe targets specific lifestyles. This gives you the ability to browse or search by criteria such as Builder, Rat Rod, Hot Rodder, HAMB, Low Rider, Exotics, etc. It also helps MyRideisMe improve the relativity of advertising to the appropriate audience, which is just fine with me.

Straight Up

There are several things about this site that I found refreshing. The first thing was the straight talk on site advertising. Below is an excerpt from their "Advertise with us" page.

"At our mission is to be honest with our members and visitors. This site will use advertising to make money. If our members and visitors come to our site and let us make money, we'll only offer ads that might interest them. That's the deal we'd like to make."

As Craig, the owner of says, "We won't carry "Punch the Monkey and WIN" aminated ads. Those are just wrong!" (Although Skully loves to punch monkeys, he's down with the concept)

[You talkin bout me? - Skully]

Novice Friendly

The second thing I liked about the site was their unpretentious attitude toward customizing. It is refreshing to see how-to articles geared to beginners. The following quote from one of their blog entries demonstrates their attitude with this humorous line: "The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Hi, I'm Craig, I don't know crap about bodywork. (Hi Craig). With that out of the way, I moved onto the next step. That�s seeking help." You gotta love the attitude!

Although the site is relatively new it looks impressive and has the basics of a social community in place. And where they might lack in polish they make up for in passion (and pinups!). Building a kick ass web site, writing cool how-to articles, and building community is no small feat. It is hard work. But their enthusiasm and attitude are paying off. They already have close to 700 registered members and the throttle's still down. MOTORFOOT salutes you!

Now go check out the site!

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