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Slammed Rat Rod - The Hot Rod Art of Nick Sinclair

by motorfoot 3/4/2009 1:50:00 PM

hot rod art - Grave Diggers I run across a lot of hot rod art when surfing the net. I will typically make a note of the artists I like in case I decide to showcase their work. When I saw the artwork of Nick Sinclair over at Sinclair Hot Rods I got motivated.

Most of us used to draw hot rods when we were kids. My favorite car to draw was a '57  Chevy, mainly because my neighbor down the street had one in his drive way. Unfortunately I didn't stick to it, but obviously Nick did.

My fav is Super Nugget (below), a street scraping Rat Rod with plenty of bad attitude. I could very easily see Super Nuggget hanging out with Gone Postal.

hot rod art - Super Nugget

Super Nugget is a limited edition fine art print and measures 19 inches by 13 inches. Only 50 produced. Each one is signed and numbered by Nick. I want one.

Nick has been drawing since almost day one and digs the deeds of Ed Roth, Coop, Williams, Hess, and Kozik. His work spans the typical Lowbrow, High Octane hot rod portfolio of gassers, street rods, rat rods, pin-ups, and of course, monsters.

You can check out the rest of Nick Sinclair's hot rod art including limited edition prints, original art, T-shirts, and more. You can also sign up for the V.I.P. newsletter (I did) and be the first to know about new art print editions, shirts or events that are coming up. And if you are in to such things, you can follow Nick on Twitter.



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