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Woodighini - The story of a Born again Fiero

by motorfoot 7/24/2008 4:30:00 PM

Job 33:28 'He has redeemed my soul from going to the pit, And my life shall see the light.'

O, Canada, home of the T-Rex and the ... Woodighini! Woodighini? WTF is that? That my friend is what you see to your right! A "born again" Pontiac Fiero! You're not going to believe this, but read on anyway!

"If you can't buy it, build it!" That's Woody's motto, and he's got the skills to back it up (and drive it).

Woody is a 33 year old gear head and steel fabricator from Cranbrook, BC, Canada, who one day decided to build a dream car. What's in that Canadian air? I want some!

MOTORFOOT spotted this project on Hub Garage and had to get the story behind it. I really wanted to see this car in person, but alas, we're here in Austin Texas and Canada is like further North than Dallas. So I interviewed Woody via email and composed the conversation for your enjoyment here. So, close your eyes and pretend we traveled to Canada to get the story on the Woodighini. Well, I guess you have to open your eyes. Nevermind. Read on!

MF: So Woody, what led you to build the Woodighini?

It started before I knew it! In July 2007 I received a call from a friend asking me if I wanted a Pontiac Fiero for only $50, so I checked it out! The only thing wrong with the car was the starter. I felt guilty so I paid $60 so I didn't feel like I robbed someone!

MF: When did you start building it?

That car sat outside my window, until the second week of December, that’s when I saw the most amazing car-the Lamborghini Reventon! Just an unbelievable military style mixed with a true exotic, I was hooked!

I found four measurements - length, width, height and wheel base, tape measure in hand to the fiero. No doubt in my mind that was to be my car! Over the Christmas holiday I ordered the first parts: wheels, tires, glass, transmission, engine parts and steel! I’m not one to mess with fiberglass even if it would be easier. Steel is my gift and I'll stick to it! I cut so much of the Fiero away that many times I was asked if I was building a dune buggy? I always gave the same reply, a smile with a Yes! Working weekends and some evenings on the drive train it seemed to look like a dune buggy for months! In June I started working on it more regularly, with the drive train complete, now on to the body.

MF: Well, speaking of drive train, what's under the hood?

The drive is a 350 ci small block Chevy, Scat crankshaft and connecting rods, Keith Black pistons, Comp cam, roller rockers and topped off with a Barry Grant blow through carb. The transmission is a new GM 6 speed standard, the same one they put in the G6 GT, with a Spec racing clutch and modified G6 axles, twin turbo’s and a huge intercooler. To stop all this I have 11 1/4 vented-slotted-crossdrilled rotors matched up with Camaro front calipers and Cadillac rear calipers.

MF: Do you have an idea about how much it might weigh?

I weighed the car on the way back from a car show and it was just over 2000 pounds without the motor/transmission/glass and some minor parts. It should be in the 3000-3500 pound range for sure, with most of the weight just ahead of the rear tires.

MF: How is the car registered? Or, what the heck is it now?

It is registered as an 87 fiero. I can register it as a custom built with a structural inspection. I can insure and drive it as a Fiero with only a safety inspection.

MF: You have come a long way in just a few months! When do you think you will have it completed?

The car should be completed in a couple more months, and then a road trip to remember! She was built to drive not trailer!

MF: Any interesting stories come from your time spend so far building the car?

When I was pulling the fiero apart I found $43 in toonies and loonies, then a friend of mine pulled $24 out of the center console. For the $60 I paid for it I made money!

MF: Do you have any advice for anyone that might attempt something like this?

My advice to others would be to have a well drafted plan of attack on any project, -parts -price -time -etc. I have learned that it doesn't matter if people think you can't do this or that. If you have the determination nothing can stop you!

MF: We can certainly relate! Any plans for another project?

I have been roughing out an idea with one of the design studio's on the Hub. If you think the Woodighini is a challenge or cool LOOK OUT!

MF: Thanks Woody. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us a bit about the Woodighini!

There are a thousand other questions we could ask, but what about you? Questions? Comments? Post em here or go visit Woody at the Hub Garage!


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by motorfoot 7/21/2008 3:08:00 AM

If you are shopping for a virtual garage then you should put on your list. is a SNet (social network) for gear heads. Although the social network space is pretty competitive we always applaud more choices.

MyRideIsMe has all the core garage features you would expect, such as your own garage to park images, a crew (or buddy list), and ability to browse or search by life styles such as Builder, Rat Rod, Hot Rodder, HAMB, etc. They also have an image gallery with an impressive number of cool rides. But wait, that's not all...if you like pinup models (and who doesn't?), you are gonna dig their pinup galleries!


MyRideIsMe targets specific lifestyles. This gives you the ability to browse or search by criteria such as Builder, Rat Rod, Hot Rodder, HAMB, Low Rider, Exotics, etc. It also helps MyRideisMe improve the relativity of advertising to the appropriate audience, which is just fine with me.

Straight Up

There are several things about this site that I found refreshing. The first thing was the straight talk on site advertising. Below is an excerpt from their "Advertise with us" page.

"At our mission is to be honest with our members and visitors. This site will use advertising to make money. If our members and visitors come to our site and let us make money, we'll only offer ads that might interest them. That's the deal we'd like to make."

As Craig, the owner of says, "We won't carry "Punch the Monkey and WIN" aminated ads. Those are just wrong!" (Although Skully loves to punch monkeys, he's down with the concept)

[You talkin bout me? - Skully]

Novice Friendly

The second thing I liked about the site was their unpretentious attitude toward customizing. It is refreshing to see how-to articles geared to beginners. The following quote from one of their blog entries demonstrates their attitude with this humorous line: "The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Hi, I'm Craig, I don't know crap about bodywork. (Hi Craig). With that out of the way, I moved onto the next step. That�s seeking help." You gotta love the attitude!

Although the site is relatively new it looks impressive and has the basics of a social community in place. And where they might lack in polish they make up for in passion (and pinups!). Building a kick ass web site, writing cool how-to articles, and building community is no small feat. It is hard work. But their enthusiasm and attitude are paying off. They already have close to 700 registered members and the throttle's still down. MOTORFOOT salutes you!

Now go check out the site!

>> - Cruise to the home page...

>> Falcon Build Update #3- The Roof - Or jump in with one of their "Overhaulin" style how-to articles.


>> On the Make - Our listing of social networks and make specific forums.

Lenos Garage - Jay drives 2008 SSC Ultimate Aero - GO USA

by motorfoot 7/14/2008 12:39:00 AM

Just a quick note to check out Jay's Garage latest video. Jay drives the 2008 SSC Ultimate Aero, a real American supercar Bugatti eater. Must see TV.





News | Video


by motorfoot 7/9/2008 1:15:00 PM

It has been three months since the last Building MOTORFOOT entry so it is time for another update.

MOTORFOOT Gallery (beta)

I said I wouldn't do it, but sometimes you have no choice. I have been trying to find image gallery software that I can integrate into the site but have not found anything that meets my needs. So, I started building my own gallery. It is very basic right now but I can continue to customize it as I see fit. It is an ASP.NET application written in C# using XML as the data store bla bla bla.

"Simple, clean. I approve." - Skully

Skully likes it so I'm happy.

You can check out the beginnings of the MOTORFOOT Gallery (MFG) at the following link.

>> MOTORFOOT Gallery

Happy Birthday Model T and A

I have also been doing a lot of online research on T and A, err, that is on the Ford Model T and Model A. The Model A celebrates its 75th anniversary this year! Dude, you *still* rock! And of course, the Model T celebrates its 100th too. As a result of the research I added a new page on MOTORFOOT that provides links historical topics and terminology in hot rodding (like, what the heck is a gasser?).

You can check out the MOTORFOOT Library at the following link.


MOTORFOOT YouTube Hot Rod Video Picks

I have also been on a YouTube Hot Rod kick, burning countless hours of life force that might have been better expended elsewhere. But hey, that's YouTube. Maybe you will find the videos entertaining.

You can check out my MOTORFOOTVID VLog at the following link.



The above list are just some of the adventures over the last three months. I stated in the MOTORFOOT Vision that I would spend the entire year of 2008 on foundation building, but at the rate I am going that will probably include 2009, 2010, 2011, etc. But hey, I am in no hurry. It takes time to build a cool hot rod, and it will take time to build a cool web site.

Thanks for visiting!

If you like the vision of MOTORFOOT then please support us! How, you say? Keep coming back, comment on a blog entry, send me an email, tell a friend. Our aim is so shape the future of MOTORFOOT based on your feedback. What sites do you visit say that?


MOTORFOOT - "Now Get On It!"

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." - Henry Ford

Cirbin and T-Rex Merge - Form Campagna Motors

by motorfoot 7/4/2008 4:17:00 AM

On April 2, 2008 Cirbin Inc. announced an agreement to merge with T-Rex Corp.

cirbin trex

The merged companies will now be known as CAMPAGNA MOTORS. In a press release, André Morissette, CAMPAGNA’s CEO states "We have chosen to retain the name of the inventor of the vehicle that we manufacture. The name CAMPAGNA has value for us, both on a philosophical and pragmatic way; it was chosen to pay tribute to the inventor of the T-REX, our flagship product and world leader in the 3-wheel vehicles".

MOTORFOOT strongly believes that this market segment we call "Light Sport Vehicles" is on the verge of a breakthrough and the merger of Cirbin and T-Rex strengthens our belief. As André Morissette, CEO of Cirbin states in a press release, "Simply put, this consolidation will position our company at the forefront of this growing niche vehicle industry."

Most sport bikers know about and appreciate the T-Rex for its extreme performance and wicked good looks, however, the light sport vehicle market has suffered from low consumer awareness, high manufacturing costs, and limited availability. Not a good combination for growth. Yet, there is progress.

At the intersection of rising fuel prices, the new wave of niche auto manufacturers, and the never ending need for auto excitement, we believe that the merging of Cirbin and T-Rex to form Campagna Motors is strategic and on target. The question is, what the heck are Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki doing (not to mention the U.S.).

>> - Campagna Motors website.


>> Sport Vehicles - As you may know, MOTORFOOT has featured light three and four wheeled sport vehicles on our Sport Vehicles page.

>> Next Wave - Niche auto industry watch.

>> T-Rex -- My Kind of Smart Car



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