First of all, thanks for your interest in MOTORFOOT! Personally, when I visit a web site I like to know who is behind the curtains, what motivates them to do what they do, and what direction are they going? So, since you are here, that must be what you are looking for, so please, read on.


Job One: We highlight great content on the net. There is a lot to be 'in to' now days, therefore MOTORFOOT strives to focus on what 'moves' us the most: creativity within the realm of hot rods, rat rods, muscle cars, customization, innovative auto design, emerging trends, auto art and industry news.


The times they are a changing. MOTORFOOT is an eclectic mix of old and new. We appreciate the beauty of a '32 Ford Coupe and the visions of what is yet to come! We value creativity over purity, but strongly affirm that there is a place for both. We look forward to a new age of innovative thinking that brings more excitement and more choices for the enthusiast.


As MOTORFOOT gains more visibility through search engine ranking and word of mouth, you will start to see more changes. I am planning to spend most of 2008 on foundation building (software architecture and content focus). The MOTORFOOT way is building for the long term, (sometimes your first build aint the best), but with every build you discover, learn and improve, so keep coming back, we're just getting started. As Oat Willie says, Onward through the fog!

You can check out the "Building MOTORFOOT" category on the MOTORFOOT blog here for detailed updates. It gets updated quarterly. If you are interested in subscribing to the updates check out the Contact page for details.


If you connect with the vision and want to share your thoughts, or if you have a news tip or a website that you want to share with others please drop us a line.

The MOTORFOOT World Headquarters is located in Austin Texas.
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